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There is no job too big or too small for us to make sure you're getting the most out of your instrument. There are no silly questions and we will do everything we can to help you along the way.


All guitars need love, and we are dedicated to making sure your guitar can perform at its best. That then means that YOU can perform at your best, every time you play.


Doesn't matter if you’re just starting to play the guitar or recording your next album, from professional musician to avid hobbyist, guitar collector or parent of the next guitar hero. Ensuring that your instrument is well taken care of and performing at its best will help your musical journey.   

Clyde Watkins

"A Master's Touch"

With over 30 years experience as a guitar technician and luthier, Clyde has a master’s touch. That’s why many of Australia’s top guitarists refuse to let anyone else touch their instruments!


Clyde's clients have included The Church, Divinyls, Cold Chisel,

The Angels, Do Re Mi, Joe Walsh (The Eagles) and even Bo Diddley!  


His expertise in instrument restoration has been applied not only to guitars but a myriad of fine instruments including banjos, harp guitars, ukuleles, lutes and mandolins. Clyde is also available by appointment for appraisals and valuations.

"Together, we can solve any issue that your instrument might have. Come in and talk to us about how we can make your guitar dreams come true!"

Scott Profile.png
Scotty Davey

"Happy To Help"

Scott believes that a technician’s role is to help guitarists play at their best. He knows better than anyone that if your guitar is playing well, then it will become much more enjoyable for you to learn, record and perform with!


Scott’s main goal is to ensure each musician is getting the most out of their guitar:


"Every guitar can be personalised to their player's style. If you have something to say with how you play, let's make sure it’s just as articulate as you are".


With over 8 years of dedication towards guitar repairs and severing, he has high attention to detail when it comes to modification. His speciality is electronics, wiring and pickups.

Scott Harry wide.png
Harry Frank

"Turn It Up!"

Harry is a passionate musician with a background in sound engineering, both live and in the studio. Having played in numerous bands, he is currently playing bass with Sydney rock band Marvell.


Harry’s love for rock 'n' roll and enthusiastic approach to guitar setups has seen him become the Floyd Rose guru in the shop. This careful eye for detail encapsulates high standards of quality control and professionalism. 

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We want you to be completely satisfied with our services and make sure we do exactly what you need done for the right price.

We offer face-to-face consultations with our guitar technicians if you bring your instrument in store.


You can also speak to a technician by calling us at (02) 8622 6556