Our techs will give you either a fixed price quote or a cost estimate when your guitar is booked in.  If we discover that further work is required, we will contact you for approval before going further.  All work is paid for upon completion and we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  


Standard 6 string acoustic or electric

includes bass, ukuleles, mandolins and banjos


Classical or Nylon string acoustic


12 String or Floyd Rose


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Guitar Setups

Acoustic Guitar Setup


Classical Guitar Setup


Electric or Bass Guitar Setup


More Complex Setups

Floyd Rose, 12 String etc..


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Electrical Mods

Jack Change

Sold Body $45, Hollow Body $75


Fit new Pickup

Single $100, Double $140, Triple $160

$100 - $160

Treble Bleed




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Popular Mods

Fit Strap Pins

Single pin $35, Pair $45


Custom Bone Nut


Custom Bone Saddle


Bridge Shave


Slot Relief


Fret Shave


Full Refret


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