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We are experienced technicians who care deeply about restoring and improving instruments. Our master luthier Clyde has over forty years of experience and has a vast knowledge about all vintage guitars. Our head technician Bron is a self described perf-tech-tionist and Scott is our Bass expert. Our custom premium setup not only ensures that your instrument is playing and sounding its best, it will also optimise your guitar to meet your unique needs as a player.


You are welcome to try your guitar in store after we have worked on it, to make sure it feels and plays the way you want it to. We are happy to make minor adjustments if needed, free of charge within 7 days of collection.

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Our techs will give you a cost estimate when your guitar is booked in and we will contact you if we discover that any further work is required. No need to pay until the work is complete.


We pride ourselves on quick turnarounds. Let us know when you need your instrument back and we will get it done for you by then. A 25% priority surcharge on labour will apply for turnarounds under 24 hours. A technician is available to talk to you in person Monday - Saturday, 10-5pm. You can also book in and collect your guitar any time during Big Music opening hours.

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