Guitars are living-breathing instruments made of natural products, like people. And like us they need regular health checks including re-strings, set-ups and electronic component checks.  We provide a full range of Guitar Tech services to keep your instrument in perfect health and make it easier to play!  


Regularly re-stringing your guitar makes a huge difference to its sound and playability.  We recommend a re-string every 3 to 6 months depending on how often you play and how tough you are on your strings!  Some strings also last longer than others - ask us for more information.  

All re-strings include a string stretch, tune, fretboard condition, fret polish and instrument clean.  

Prices do not include strings - sold separately in our shop - to allow freedom to choose your preferred brand, gauge etc.

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We install custom hardware such as machine heads, scratch-plates, strap pins, electric guitar bridges, saddles, tailpieces and more.


Prices vary for this work, and estimated turn around is subject to he availability of parts. We are happy to discuss different options with you, and to source quality parts through our Big Music suppliers.

For nut fashioning and compensated acoustic saddles (and all other services) please see Luthier Services


A setup involves adjustments to all the hardware of your guitar so that it is optimised for your playing style and can dramatically improve your guitar’s feel and performance. 

All setups include a full restring and clean.  We will contact you if any additional work is required to optimise your guitar. 

Additional Services:

  • Service electronics: $25

  • Tap/level frets: $25

  • Acoustic saddle intonation and curve adjustment: $25

  • Acoustic bridge shave: $50

  • Acoustic bridge slotting for accurate string angle over saddle: $20


We provide bespoke servicing of all guitar electronics including:

  • pickup repairs and installation

  • component repairs and installation

  • custom wiring including coil splitting, phase switching and series/parallel switching

  • preamp installation

  • body and hardware modifications to accommodate new wiring

Prices are quoted in advance of each job and we can source a wide range of components. Come and talk to us!

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